Is Total Knee Arthroplasty Right for You?

Total knee replacement is a serious surgery that can cause numerous complications, as well as many benefits to activity levels. Before deciding to have a surgery of this severity, it’s important to speak with a specialist about the risks and benefits on your daily life. Ask your doctor any knee arthroplasty questions to ease your fears. And weigh the advantages to the current state of your knee, to determine if total knee replacement is right for you.



Knee replacements are recommended for those between the ages of 55 and 70. Doctors suggest this, as younger patients are actually more likely to have a failed replacement procedure than older counterparts and the parts wear faster in these patients. The prosthesis wears down after 10 to 20 years, which increases with greater activity. Additionally, the younger you are when you have the procedure, the greater your risk for requiring a revision surgery in the future.


The specialist will not only ask you questions about your current knee function, they’ll also perform a physical examination to determine pain and restrictions. They’ll assess strength, range of motion, stability and the like, which will help them to make a recommendation about the best course of treatment.

What Physical Therapists Do For the Elderly

Meeting with a physical therapist can help elderly people to regain motion and mobility, which can have a major influence on their everyday lives. Those with chronic conditions can also benefit, as getting active can often help reduce the pain and alleviate depression.

Stay Fit

Senior woman having physical therapy at home.

Senior woman having physical therapy at home.

Physical therapists are able to work with seniors who might have been inactive for long periods of time, but want to get back into shape. This must be done carefully and, many times, exercises for pain management must be incorporated into the program to ensure that the seniors can handle it.

Prevent Injuries

Many times, senior citizens fall in their homes and end up with serious injuries. This is very dangerous once you reach a certain age, as even a minor fall can have deadly consequences. By staying in shape with a physical therapist, however, many seniors are able to prevent injuries, even if they do happen to fall.

Live Longer

Staying fit and preventing injuries can help the elderly to live longer. In addition, physical therapy can help senior citizens to recover after a major injury, which can also prolong their lives. In many cases, a serious fall can be the beginning of the end, but physical therapy can help these people to make a full recovery.

Taking Charge of Your Chronic Back Pain

Dealing with chronic back pain is not easy. It can be debilitating, and can have a negative effect on your life. But the good news is, there are things you can do to manage your back pain, and it all starts with getting a comprehensive medical evaluation and accurate diagnosis.

Chronic Pain

After you’ve been diagnosed, and are getting proper medical attention, focus on how to enhance your back pain treatment regimen. Here are a few ideas.

Using Specific Coping Techniques on a Daily Basis

No matter what your precise medical condition is, there are a variety of coping mechanisms that you can employ every day to minimize your pain and discomfort. These methods use of four types of skills, such as:

• Deep muscle relaxation

• Distracting attention away from signals of pain

• Using imagery and focusing on sounds that are pleasant

• Obtaining detachment and distance

Eat Right and Get Plenty of Sleep

Proper nutrition is good for many conditions, including aches and pains, and can help speed up the healing process in your back. You should include plenty of protein as a source of soft tissue-healing building blocks, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to supply you with the vitamins and elements needed for effective healing.

Engage in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is perfect for those with chronic pain, including in the back. Physiotherapists administer a variety of techniques to both alleviate the pain, as well as strengthen the muscles to ward off continued discomfort.

Signs That You Might Have Low Testosterone


As a man ages, his testosterone production can sharply decline. When this occurs, it is highly noticeable in other areas of his life. If you find yourself in this position, low T treatment for men might be your only hope. Look out for the following warning signs and ask for the necessary help should you believe that you have low testosterone.

Reduced Energy Levels

One of the main signs that you have low testosterone is reduced levels of energy. You might find that you are frequently fatigues, even when you got a good night’s sleep, or that you lack the motivation to get out there and do things.

Low Libido

Another common warning sign is having a lower sex drive. While many men believe that this is simply a sign of getting older, it actually means that your testosterone is lower. Sexual dysfunction can sometimes accompany a low libido, turning this into a major problem in a man’s life.

Less Muscle Mass

Finally, you might find that you are losing muscle mass and bone density when you are struggling with low testosterone. This is usually quite gradual, but becomes much more noticeable after a few years of your body failing to produce enough testosterone.

Treatment Options for Sciatic Pain That Are Injection Free

The sciatica nerve is a large nerve that runs from the lower back down and through the back of your legs, and is known to give individuals a lot of pain when the nerve is affected. The pain can come from various conditions, such as degenerative disc disease, slipped vertebra (spondylolisthesis), as well as lumbar spinal stenosis which is the narrowing of the spinal canal in the lower back. However, the most common reasons behind sciatica pain include: it being pinched, sleeping on a mattress that is too soft, or being overweight. In most cases the pain can be irritating and it may come and go but has the potential to worsen over the years. In those who have it more frequently, it can be debilitating, causing sleepless nights and the inability to walk without severe pain.


When it comes to treating sciatica without injections, there are a lot of options that are non-surgical in nature. Finding a treatment that works may require a combination of two or more treatment plans, which will vary on the individual and how much pain they are in and how frequently it bothers them. The most common treatments include:

  • Heat/Ice: Only to be used with acute sciatica, where heat and ice are alternated on twenty minute intervals, repeated for every two hours.
  • Pain Medications: If inflammation is the cause of the sciatica pain, than using over-the-counter prescription medications can be effective in relieving the pain. Use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications.
  • Chiropractic Manipulation (manual): Manual manipulation can help better align the spinal column, thus addressing any underlying sciatica pain that is coming from misalignment.
  • Acupuncture: It is used to open up the flow of energy through the body, via inserting hair-thin needles near the area of pain. This helps release the pain from the body and is a great way to treat back pain including sciatica.
  • Massage Therapy: Can be used to release endorphins into the body to relieve pain. It also helps with muscle relaxation and increased blood circulation.

All of these treatments will have varying degrees of success on an individual who is suffering from sciatica pain, and finding a combination that works best may take some time.

How to Keep Chronic Pain in Check

Living with chronic pain can turn a seemingly ordinary existence into a never-ending nightmare. If left untreated, such a severe ailment can dominate every area of your life, making it impossible to enjoy anything. Fortunately for people suffering from chronic pain, there are several effective treatment options designed to diminish discomfort and keep pain in check.


The first step on your road to recovery should be seeking out a doctor for pain management treatment. This person will be able to diagnose the root cause of your pain and recommend an effective course of treatment. In some cases, chronic pain sufferers need to undergo surgery to repair or replace damaged limbs or discs. In less severe instances, a combination of physical therapy, prescription medication and deep-tissue massages is able to keep the discomfort in check. Regular checkups are often recommended alongside these treatment regimens to allow your doctor to monitor their effectiveness.

When trapped in the vice grip of chronic pain, the very idea of lasting relief can seem like a fairytale. However, the solution to your problem may be much closer than you think. If you’re tired of chronic pain calling all the shots, get in touch with a seasoned pain management specialist and schedule a consultation posthaste.

Unexpected Advantages of Weight Loss Surgery


Anyone who’s ever struggled with losing weight – and keeping that weight shed – has considered surgery, at least in passing. The biggest advantages are obvious: It’s oftentimes the best chance obese patients have of shedding a significant amount of weight, especially if their mobility is impaired. However, you may not realize there are even more benefits than are immediately obvious.

Fewer Medications

Many patients of the best weight loss surgery clinic have been able to stop taking some medications or take lower doses of medications according to their doctor’s instructions due to their loss in weight. Conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension and Type 2 diabetes are often caused or exacerbated by carrying too much weight, and the loss of that excess weight can lead to the conditions getting better or disappearing entirely.

Better Self-Confidence

To lose weight even with surgery, you have to be fully committed to a diet and exercise program as advised by your surgeon. Seeing your hard work result in weight loss will make you feel better about yourself and what you can do with the right help when you put your mind to it.

Schedule a consultation with a weight loss clinic today to learn more about the advantages of opting for surgery. It’s not an easy decision, but the benefits far outweigh the risks for most patients.

Managing Stress To Help Combat Adrenal Fatigue

Did you know one of the biggest contributors to adrenal fatigue is exposure to prolonged stress? While there are available hormone treatments for adrenal fatigue, patients can also follow these simple stress management guidelines to help better control stressors that contribute to bad health.

Having a hobby reduces stress by giving people a positive way to channel their energy. If facing a stressful day at work, knowing you can come home and paint a picture, bake a pie, or play the piano gives people something to look forward to, even when dealing with daily workplace stress.

Routine exercise is not only good at reducing stress, but it is also beneficial for weight loss/weight management, cardiovascular strength, and circulation health. Walking during your lunch break at work, in the evening when you get home, or participating in an exercise program in your living room at night is a positive way to reduce stress.

Finally, did you know that talking about problems or stressors helps reduce the effect of stress on the body? If you are worried about disclosing what is stressing you, writing it down on paper, then throwing it away is the same effect as if you told someone. Don’t ever keep anything that is troubling you inside, even if you are the only person who will ever see or know what is causing the stress, having an outlet to release it makes life easier.

Therapy and Rehabilitation at a Nursing Home

Just because someone you care about is heading to a nursing home does not mean that she should be forgotten about. Modern long-term care facilities offer a variety of therapy and rehab options, keeping your loved one active and helping her to recover from any injuries that she might suffer. In the end, these therapy techniques should make her time spend in the home much more enjoyable.

Physical Therapy Main

Physical Therapy

There are physical therapy centers for seniors that can help a great deal with the physical condition of your loved one. These centers have fitness centers that allow you loved one to get some daily exercise, working out important muscles that might otherwise be neglected.

Rehabilitation Options

Another thing to consider is the rehab options that are available at the nursing home. Whenever an elderly person is injured, the damage is often irreparable. By providing rehab facilities and trained staff, many nursing homes helps these individuals to recover as best as possible.

Pain Management

Teaching pain management techniques does a lot of good for those who are living out their days in a nursing home. As people get older, they tend to develop some serious problems, making it difficult to walk down a hall or go to the bathroom. These pain management techniques can greatly improve their quality of life by making these tasks more manageable.

Planning for Pregnancy

Childbirth is one of the natural courses of live, and the majority of individuals in this world will, at some point or another, contemplate having children. However, throughout history, becoming pregnant has not always been an option for some. Due to medical reasons or certain disorders, pregnancy has sometimes been difficult to achieve. This has led to distress and that abandonment of the hope of raising a family. However, treatments in the last century have improved the situation.

Acupuncture for fertility treatment is one avenue of treatment that people seek out. This is a process that women undergo whenever they feel they want to avoid drug use while getting treated for infertility. More commonly, women will try and stimulate greater ovulation with fertility drugs. These drugs are used to help women who have ovulating disorders.

Another procedure women commonly undergo is called intrauterine insemination. During this procedure, sperm is collected and placed directly in the uterus near the time when a women will ovulate. The goal is to optimize the chances of the sperm reaching and impregnating the egg. Through these types of procedures, the dream of those hoping to bear children can be fulfilled. This is a lot of progress compared to years prior, when there were no such options.